Modiran-e-karafarin Marketing And Consultancy Services (MACS) provides consultancy and marketing services for different businesses. This organization utilizes the knowledge and experience of university teachers and professionals to improve and develop the companies in the areas of professional business management, marketing, employment and arranging growth strategies in order to make the local companies more sustainable.

Our Services

To comply with the needs of our clients, we will operate in the following areas:- Consultancy: guiding the owners of companies and the managers for the professional management of their businesses; providing plans, policies, and procedures
– Marketing: market research, cooperation in advertising, establishing branding policy process, introducing companies and products to national and international markets
– Training: holding seminars and training courses for capacity building of managers
– Employment: job announcement, selection, training and employing


– To help standardize trade and industry- To implement national and international marketing
– To encourage and guide owners and managers of companies in the professional management of businesses
– To train an effective workforce for different areas of management
– To facilitate utilization of up to date technology for the companies


Trusting to God and utilizing the potentials of our working team, we will try to benefit all the existing companies in Afghanistan from our effective consultancy and marketing services.


As an organization that provides consultancy and marketing services, MACS tries to promote management power of domestic companies and will try to introduce their products in domestic and international markets. This organization is promising to operate considering the national and international laws and respecting the social traditions. In addition, we will utilize the up to date technology of the world to promote our clients.

Introduction To Our Website is an advertising website made to provide global advertising for different products of various companies. Our advertising facilities cover both new and second-hand products. This website is a property of Modiran-e-karafarin Marketing And Consultancy Services (MACS). Our team is committed to providing the best possible facilities for our visitors. However this website is not only providing advertising facilities, it is also providing employment, RFQ announcement and information sharing facilities.

Facilities for companies

  • Posting the company profile
  • Advertising the products of the company
  • Posting RFQ/RFA
  • Posting Jobs
  • Contract opportunities
  • Partnership opportunities

Facilities for individuals

  • Posting second-hand equipment
  • Searching for job announcements
  • Searching for RFQ/RFA

For more information

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