Transport Services in India

Transport Services in India Transportation plays a key role in the growth of a country’s economic system; in shaping overall productiveness, quality of life of people, access to commodity and services. An effective and well-devised transportation system plays a significant role in the economic development of a nation. In a country like India, that is of […]

India Transit system

India Transit system Transit (TR) Visa A Transit Visa is granted for the sole purpose of enabling the holder to travel through India to reach his/her ultimate destination. Change of purpose is not allowed. Transit visa is ordinarily valid for a single/double journey and for entry within 15 days of date of issue. The Transit […]

Trade of India

Trade of India India – International trade For decades after independence in 1947, India embarked on a program of autarky (national economic self-sufficiency) which included import substitution policies. By 1991, however, a sluggish economy combined with the forces of globalization led to a more open Indian economy. There was simultaneously a gradual rise in exports, imports, foreign direct […]

Political system of India

Political system of India INTRODUCTION India – with a population of 1.3 billion and an electorate of around 900 million (2019) – is the world’s largest democracy and, for all its faults and flaws, this democratic system stands in marked contrast to the democratic failures of Pakistan and Bangladesh which were part of India until […]

Commercial law in India

Commercial law in India and doing business ENTRY OPTIONS An appropriate entry strategy is a must for every foreign investor seeking to do business in India or with counterparties based in India. Entry strategy would usually vary depending upon the nature of business, the concerned sector, scale of operations and costs and other commercial objectives. […]

Industry of India

Industry of India During the first term of the NDA regime, as per World Bank, the GDP growth in India was 6.6% in 2017. In the short term, the growth was adversely impacted by Modi government measures like demonetization and introduction of GST. On the other hand, World Bank has projected its growth forecast at […]

Geography of India

Geography of India India spreads over an area of about 3.28 million sq. km. The mainland of India extends between 8°4′ and 37°6′ N latitude and 68°7′ and 97°25′ E longitude. The Tropic of Cancer 23°30′ N divides India into almost two halves. In addition, the total length of the coastline is 7,517 kilometers. The Indian peninsula […]

Economy of India

Economy of India India’s economic freedom score is 55.2, making its economy the 129th freest in the 2019 Index. Its overall score has increased by 0.7 point, with a strong increase in the score for judicial effectiveness outpacing a decline in monetary freedom. India is ranked 31st among 43 countries in the Asia–Pacific region, and […]

Agriculture in India

Agriculture in India Roughly, half of all Indians still derive their livelihood directly from agriculture. That proportion only relatively recently has been declining from levels that were fairly consistent throughout the 20th century.  The area cultivated, however, has risen steadily and has come to encompass considerably more than half of the country’s total area, a proportion matched by […]

India: Introduction

India Formal Name Republic of India (The official, Sanskrit name for India is Bharat, the name of the legendary king in the Mahabharata). Short form of Name India Capital New Delhi (formally called the National Capital Territory of Delhi) NO of Provinces 35 Official Languages English and Hindi Population 1.3 billion Currency Rupee Term for […]
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