Industry in the UAE

Industry in the UAE Industry is the economic backbone of a nation. The UAE has been clear about its intentions to diversify the economy and develop sectors that contribute to the higher end of the value chain. The industrial sector is key to the UAE’s ambitions to develop a diversified, sustainable economy. Industrial Sector’s Contribution […]

Industry in USA

Industry in USA Although the United States remains one of the world’s preeminent industrial powers, manufacturing no longer plays as dominant a role in the economy as it once did. Between 1979 and 1998, manufacturing employment fell from 20.9 million to 18.7 million, or from 21.8% to 14.8% of national employment. Throughout the 1960s, manufacturing […]

Industry of Japan

Industry of Japan Today, despite an overall economic slowdown beginning in the 1990s, Japanese industries remain amongst the most highly advanced and innovative worldwide. In many manufacturing industries – particularly in the electronics and automotive sectors – the term “Japanese” is synonymous with high quality and technologically advanced products, and in a wide variety of […]

Industry of Iran

Industry of Iran Iran’s most important industries are those associated with the extraction and processing of oil and gas. Iran’s manufacturing output was reduced during the 1978–79 Revolution, but the 1980–88 war with Iraq had the indirect consequence of increasing industrial production.  In the 1990s, low private investment levels hindered growth, although government expenditures based […]

Industry of India

Industry of India During the first term of the NDA regime, as per World Bank, the GDP growth in India was 6.6% in 2017. In the short term, the growth was adversely impacted by Modi government measures like demonetization and introduction of GST. On the other hand, World Bank has projected its growth forecast at […]

Industry of China

Industry of China Since 1949 when the People’s Republic of China was established, and especially since 1978, China’s transformation from a traditional agricultural society to a modern industrial society has been greatly accelerated by a rapid industrial restructuring. China’s industrial structure developed according to the objective of industrialization, which aimed at the proportion of agriculture […]

Industry of Canada

Industry of Canada Industry Canada has a broad and diverse mandate to help make Canadian industry more productive and competitive in the global economy, thus improving the economic and social well-being of Canadians. In support of this mandate, Industry Canada uses its financial and human resources to develop, implement and Oversee a wide variety of […]

Industries in Germany

Industries in Germany Germany is a world-renowned business and manufacturing location. From the historically-famous automobile industry, through chemicals and engineering, to digital innovations and Industrie 4.0, Germany has consistently been at the forefront of industrial leadership. Now celebrated as a global place of innovation and a pioneer of the new Industrie 4.0 concept, Germany is continuing to evolve into […]

Industry of Afghanistan

Industry of Afghanistan Industry and Manufacturing Before the wars of the late twentieth century, industry was based on the processing of local agricultural products, including textiles, sugar, and chemical fertilizers made from natural gas or coal. The main manufacturing center was the Kabul region.  In 2004, all of Afghanistan’s industrial sector had stopped producing or […]
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