Commercial law in Iran

Commercial law in Iran and doing business Tariffs and regulations Iran is in the process of streamlining and modernizing the customs procedure to monitor imported goods. Tariffs and duty rates are constantly revised and are subject to change without notice. Tariffs and non-tariff barriers Tariffs Iran has extensive tariffs on imports and exports across a […]

Commercial law of Japan

Commercial law of Japan Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is organized into many bureaus and agencies to formulate and execute a wide range of economic, industry and trade policies, which are aimed at promoting Japan’s international trade and investment, while fostering a conducive business environment for sustaining Japan’s economic growth. Trade Policy METI’s Trade […]

Commercial law in U.A.E

Commercial law in U.A.E and doing business Legal System  As a federation, the UAE is governed by a constitution that regulates, among other things, the distribution of legislative powers between the federation (the federal capital is Abu Dhabi) and the individual emirates. Under the UAE Constitution, federal laws have supremacy over the laws of individual […]

Commercial law of USA

Commercial law of USA Trade Policy The US trade regime consists of a complex web of diverse regulatory and policy objectives. These goals are often inter-related and mutually reinforcing. Trade objectives must also co-exist with US foreign and domestic policy goals that address multiple political, economic, security and social considerations. These multi-layered objectives often require […]

Commercial law in India

Commercial law in India and doing business ENTRY OPTIONS An appropriate entry strategy is a must for every foreign investor seeking to do business in India or with counterparties based in India. Entry strategy would usually vary depending upon the nature of business, the concerned sector, scale of operations and costs and other commercial objectives. […]

Commercial law in Germany

Commercial law in Germany Customs, Regulations and Standards in Germany Trade Barriers Germany’s regulations and bureaucratic procedures can be a difficult hurdle for companies wishing to enter the market and require close attention by U.S. exporters. Complex safety standards, not normally discriminatory but sometimes zealously applied, complicate access to the market for many U.S. products. […]

Commercial law in China

Trade Regulations of China Since becoming a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 11 December 2001, China has gradually reduced administrative barriers to trade and liberalized its foreign trading system. According to China’s amended Foreign Trade Law, which came into effect in July 2004, all types of businesses, including private enterprises, can engage in foreign trade once they […]

Commercial law in Canada

Trade Regulations of Canada Trade Policy Canada maintains a liberal trade regime. There are no foreign exchange restrictions, and import licenses are only required for a limited number of goods. Imports are generally subject to import duties. Import licenses are required for items regulated under the Export and Import Permits Act. The Act lists various […]

Commercial law in Afghanistan

Commercial law in Afghanistan and doing business Trade Regulations, Customs and Standards Import Tariffs The Afghan Customs Department collects tariffs on all imported goods and some goods intended for export from Afghanistan. The structure of the Tariff Schedule meets Afghanistan’s obligations under the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding and Classification System, […]
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