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Heray Donya Food Production

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Commitment and honesty to innovate in the production of quality products
Considering hygiene and environmental compliance
Proud of providing fast customer service
Employment and self-sufficiency


A pioneer in producing the highest quality and most varied food across the country and region, so that every consumer of all walks of life is impressed by the continued use of our products and our pleasant taste and enjoyment.


We strive to take effective and creative steps in producing quality food, utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and technology and utilizing the highest quality raw materials along with expert and skilled human resources while maintaining environmental health and compliance. Providing our countrymen with self-sufficiency and progress by gaining more market share and competing with foreign products


All provinces of Afghanistan

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Phone: 0784500031-2
Email: Heraydonya_co@yahoo.com
Address: Behzad Street Brothers Haqiqat Market, Herat, Afghanistan
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